Sideline Kid

by Strange Relations

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this ep is for anyone who's ever felt like a sideline kid.
take care of each other. <3


released October 23, 2018

produced by CLS & Zach Hollander
tracks 1 & 2 recorded to tape & mixed at The Pearl Recording Studio in NE MPLS
track 3 recorded live in our bedroom
mastered by Max Petrek
all songs written & performed by Strange Relations
all lyrics by Casey Sowa


"there's nothing more punk than a heartfelt ballad"


all rights reserved



Strange Relations Minneapolis, Minnesota


Casey Sowa Drums + Vocals + Synth + Guitar

Maro Helgeson Bass + Synth + Vocals

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Track Name: Sideline Kid
sideline kid
don't pull any punches
it's not forever
you can weather this

sideline kid
don't give up on yourself
you've got so much strength
you carry oceans

sideline kid
the tumult persists
i know you burn like
a sea of melted suns
all you are
all that you could be
stretched in the distance
like great blue oceans
cos you carry oceans
you carry oceans

hey kid!
you can wear what you wanna
don't let 'em tell you
you're not the same
they're all
just building boxes
to replace the old ones
so nothing's changed

we all need to agree to disagree
until it counts

we all wanna be free
to be you & me
let's work it out!
Track Name: Touch/Keep
all i know
is that you want
to touch me
to keep me
all i know is that you want
too much for one person
all i know is that you want
to touch me, to keep me
so safe!
i know you couldn't help it
wouldn't hurt me
wouldn't harm me
wouldn't harm me...

endless nights
if i could i would keep them
same as old times
before the glow
before the blows we took
the seconds counting

i could stay awake a little longer
i could take another shot with you
ask me not to go but my mind
takes me far away when i am
i'm with you

back to the point
when you hadn't crossed the line yet
and i'd bury the ghosts
but it doesn't work so easy, no

all i know
is that you want
to touch me
to keep me

all i know
is that you blew your chance
to touch me
to keep me
half person
won't complete me
Track Name: All Together
i won't say another word
until you admit it
you liked me best when i was soft

you were the first one i felt
truly, madly, deeply
now you won't see me again
and i'm best, i swear

on my own
we're on our own

i've set off on something bigger than you
and you still spend a night each week
curled in your bathtub
we both care too much to let
our full battered guards down
so we meet up at 10 o'clock
with different people, in different towns

on our own
we're on our own
all together

i'm not so bold as to pretend i got here all alone
trace back little chips and scents to right where i left you
i'm not sorry that we met
not sorry it's over
cos i've still got room left for me yet

on our own
we're on our own
we're on our own
all together
all together

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